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About F&P

FILIPOV & PARTNERS is an economic group offering a unique mix of integrated professional services, which has become a symbol of high professionalism, customer care and a guarantee of unreserved trust from the numerous clients who have approached us.

The economic group FILIPOV & PARTNERS  is a specialized in the fields of:

>Tax, accounting, legal and business consulting;

>Tax defense and legal remedy at administrative and judicial level;

>Independent financial audit;

>Professional аccounting services;

>Professional development and Training.

FILIPOV & PARTNERS began its activities in the field of consultancy, tax and legal protection and professional training in the first half of 2007 and for several years managed to significantly increase its market share and the results achieved. During the period 2008-2011, the range of professional services provided is expanded with specialized accounting and auditing services. In 2013-2014 the company started the co-organizing of the National Expert Tax Conference and the organization of its annual professional trainings.

Along with this business activity, we regularly publish professional comments and developments in the most reputable specialized journals for finance and law, participate and lead academic lectures.

FILIPOV & PARTNERS‘ team actively participates in the drafting and consulting of bills, guidelines and opinions on the implementation of material tax laws, accounting and auditing legislation, projects for the harmonization of Bulgarian legislation with that of the European Union and many others.

FILIPOV & PARTNERS is certified according to international ISO standards in the field of information security of customers and company data, documents, information and know-how related to tax, accounting, legal and business consulting, tax and legal defence and accounting services and management systems in the scope of tax, accounting, legal and business consulting, tax and legal defence and accounting services.

The financial group FILIPOV & PARTNERS seeks to build and maintain long-term partnerships with you – our clients, by relying on and offering professionalism, creativity, understanding, ethics, mutual trust in the provision of first-rate professional services.

In our daily work with all our clients, the team of FILIPOV & PARTNERS follows the core corporate values of the group:

High professionalism:

> excellent knowledge of the subject – normative regulation, practice of the institutions in the country and the EU and specialized literature;

> relevant practical experience;

> effectiveness, efficiency and speed in solving the tasks;

> Ethics and Correctness.


We respect the exclusive right of confidentiality and ensure that all information regarding our clients will be kept undisclosed to third parties in accordance with the law. All the facts and circumstances that have become known to us in the course of handling client documents are subject to full confidentiality. This also applies to our correspondence with clients, which is inviolable.


Customer care

When we provide our services to our clients, we always do our best to protect their interests according to the law. Our main task is to keep our customers informed. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our clients and build long-term partnerships with them.

Professional team

The team of the FILIPOV & PARTNERS economic group is made up of outstanding professionals – economists and lawyers with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of tax, accounting, auditing, commercial, obligations, labor, social security law and corporate finance activities. Our basic principle is that each client is unique, so we approach each individual project individually, an approach aimed at achieving effective, qualitative, effective and timely implementation of the goal.

Working with institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria

The Economic Group FILIPOV & PARTNERS provides consultations and opinions on specific projects and questions to the committees of the National Assembly, the Ministry of Finance, the National Revenue Agency, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, as well as and other units of the state and municipal administration.

The team of the group actively participates in the development and consultation of draft laws, guidelines and opinions on the application of substantive tax laws, accounting and auditing legislation, projects for the harmonization of Bulgarian legislation with that of the European Union and many others.


Managing Partner

Fоunder of the group FILIPOV & PARTNERS and Managing Partner is VELIN FILIPOV, who is a certified public accountant and registered auditor, one of the most respected and established accounting and tax advisors in the country. For about five years (2002-2007) he worked as Head of Accounting Practice Department at the Tax Policy Directorate of the Ministry of Finance. From May 2007 to July 2009, he was an advisor to the National Budget and Finance Committee of the National Assembly. He was a Chairman of the National Accounting Council for three years, and in the period 2003-2007 he has led the expert teams, developing the normative changes in the accounting and corporate tax legislation.

VELIN FILIPOV is the President of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Bulgaria (ICPA). Since  2014 he has been the the chairman of the Training Methodological Council of ICPA (the Methodological Unit of the Professional Organization). He is a representative of ICPA in the Advisory Boards to the Executive Directors of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) and Registry Agency. In the period 2014 – 2020 he was Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of ICPA, being directly responsible for the legislation and methodology. VELIN FILIPOV  is also a court expert. He actively participates in the development and amendments of the tax, accounting and auditing legislation and the practical issues of their implementation, working directly with the Budget and Finance Committee of the National Assembly, the Ministry of Finance and the National Revenue Agency.

VELIN FILIPOV is a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University. He has conducted hundreds of training courses for professional development of practitioners, author and co-author of  dozens of books, reports of scientific and practical conferences and publications in specialized economic journals. He is a member of the Editorial Board of some leading specialized professional journals in the country.

VELIN FILIPOV as Managing Partner and registered auditor is directly responsible for the quality of the services provided by the economic group and the monitoring of the working process by the team of the Group’s core ethical values. As an established accounting and tax consultant with years his name has become a guarantee for outstanding professionalism and competence, as evidenced by customer satisfaction, contact the group FILIPOV & PARTNERS.


KAMELIYA FILIPOVA is a partner and is directly involved in the control and management of the accounting services offered by FILIPOV & PARTNERS as Head of the Accounting Department. Graduate Master of Accountancy and Control with over 18 years of experience in accounting and financial reporting. She has worked as an accountant, head of department and chief accountant in companies with Bulgarian and foreign ownership of capital. She is also a member of an audit committee of an enterprise of public interest.

Joins the FILIPOV & PARTNERS Group at the beginning of 2008.


JULIJ ZAREV is a partner and lawyer directly involved in the control and management of the consultancy services offered by FILIPOV & PARTNERS; tax and legal protection; legal representation. He has over fifteen years of experience in various areas of law, including as a lawyer and jurisconsult at the National Revenue Agency.

Joins the FILIPOV & PARTNERS Group in early 2010