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Proven Approach to Guarantee Success

Tax, accounting, legal and business consulting; tax and legal protection at administrative and judicial level.

The professional symbiosis formed between a team of outstanding economists, financiers and lawyers with in-depth knowledge and rich experience in accounting, tax and legal matters and the tax process allows us to have a unique individual approach to each individual customer and project and thus guarantee maximum quality and result.

Services in the field of tax, accounting, legal and business consulting


Analyzes and strategies

Operational assistance


> tax and legal opinions and advisory on the application of procedural and substantive tax law regulations and European tax legislation;

> tax and legal advice and consultations on the application of double tax treaties;

> opinions and consultations on the application of national and international (IFRS) accounting standards;

> legal opinions and legal consultations in the field of commercial, obligations, labor, social security and customs law;

> analysis and assessment of contracts.

Analyzes and strategies

> strategies for the transformation and restructuring of companies, including those regarding legally optimizing tax liabilities;

> analyzes and strategies regarding legal planning and optimization of tax liabilities;

> analysis, strategies and structuring of transactions between related parties;

> tax audit – tax analysis of business activities in order to assess potential tax risks and problematic practices.

Operational assistance

> timely clarification of the current accounting and tax legislation and of all changes in the tax regimes in order to lawfully benefit from tax advantages reliefs or avoidance of unfavorable tax consequences;

> assistance in preparing or filling declarations or other required documents from the Ministry of Finance, the National Revenue Agency, the Customs Agency and other institutions in connection with the exercise of rights or the fulfillment of obligations under the current legislation;

> formulation and preparation of written inquiries to the bodies of the Ministry of Finance and the National Revenue Agency and other bodies and institutions on specific issues and problems of clients;

> preparation of contracts, annexes to them and other documents;

> participation in business meetings and negotiations at the request of clients.

Services in the field of tax defense and legal remedy at administrative and judicial level

Checks and audits

Other proceedings

Registrations and entries

Checks and audits

> assistance, counseling and protection during inspections and audits by bodies of the National Revenue Agency and other financial bodies;

> tax defense and legal remedy of acts issued by the procedures of the Tax and Social Insurance Procedure Code (tax audit reports, tax refund acts, other administrative acts) by the bodies of the National Revenue Agency, Customs Agency, municipalities and others – developing a security framework and strategy; preparing objections, complaints, additions and requests; administrative and judicial appeal before all institutions; legal remedy and legal representation;

> appeal against appeals and other security measures; an analysis of assets capable of serving as collateral for liabilities; replacing collateral in order to stop their compulsory collection; appeals against actions of a public enforcement authority.

Other proceedings

> issuing claims for refund of unduly paid and/ or collected public receivables and corresponding interest; administrative and judicial appeal to all bodies of acts and refusals to recover; legal protection and legal representation;

> issuing claims for opinions for the implementation of double tax treaties; administrative and judicial appeal against issued acts regarding lack of grounds for the application of Double Tax Treaties; legal representation;

> legal remedy and legal representation in civil and commercial disputes – preparation of documents (claim forms, answers to petitions, etc.); legal appeal and remedy in all instances;

> legal remedy against acts of administrative violations, penal decrees and administrative acts issued under the Administrative Procedure Code – preparation of objections, complaints, annexes, requests and applications; administrative and judicial appeal before all institutions; legal representation.

Registrations and entries

> Providing assistance or preparing the necessary documents for entry in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency of companies and their branches, branches of foreign companies and the related circumstances, and for declaring acts related to companies, their branches and branches of foreign companies for which it is provided by law that they are subject to disclosure, including:
registration, change of circumstances and striking-off of the company of companies;
making non-cash contributions to the capital of companies;
transformation of companies;
termination and liquidation of companies;
pledge and transfer of commercial enterprises;
pledge and seizure of shareholdings;
increase and decrease of the registered capital;
announcement of financial statements.

Consultation process


We carry out in-depth analysis and active communication with the client in clarifying the factual situation and the specific features of the project.


For the qualitative and effective implementation of the project, an expert team with economic and legal education and relevant professional qualification and experience is formed.


A precise analysis of the actual situation, the documentary and evidence related to the project, careful study of the relevant legal framework, judicial and administrative practice, professional literature and in-depth internal discussions are carried out.


As a result of the complex of actions carried out, professional expertise is prepared and by details the professional conclusions and recommendations are motivated and justified. Active communication with the client is performed.


It is done by qualified lawyers members of the professional team. Active communication with the client is performed.